Quality Resources For Developers


If you're anything like me, you're always on the hunt for a website or resource that pumps out very high-quality content such as tips and tricks, guides, or even showing off cool things that are achievable in the most basic languages (like complex animations in CSS - god how I wish I could do that) 😮

These resources are fantastic as they're a low-effort high-reward way to ensure you're continuously growing every day as a developer.

  • Low effort because it's all on a single website or very few websites
  • High-reward because just learning 2 to 3 of these articles every day, ensures you're at least 1% better than you were the day before.

Here is a little curated list of some of the resources I check daily, and I recommend you do too! Let's get into it 🚀


Here are just a few of the websites that I tend to visit every few hours or whenever I need a break from the grind 💻


Originally just a very useful browser extension, which transformed your new tab window into an amazing resource filled page, they now have a dedicated 🔥 website that you can bookmark: app.daily.dev.

I still highly recommend installing the browser extension.


A resource similar to daily.dev - dev.to is a beautiful website where other devs post high-quality blog posts. A lot of the content here is curated and filtered by the admin team, meaning the content is always great quality.


Hashnode is a blogging platform that has taken the dev community by storm. It allows developers to link their hashnode blog to their personal domain (think blog.joelmale.com) which means they get the added benefit of the organic SEO growth from having hashnode (a reputable source) link directly to their blog!


Hacker News from the name itself is like a news website that talks all about the Programming World, New Technologies, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship.

It is a good source of any content that is related above, it is a good platform to read whenever you're having your morning coffee or an afternoon break.



CodeAcademy is one of the best online learning platforms hands down.

Such an amazing resource for anyone looking to grow or become a better version of themselves.


Udemy is essentially a bigger and more broad version of CodeAcademy. A great resource to use if you're looking to expand your knowledge outside of your industry!


If you're a developer and you don't have Twitter - you're doing it wrong. 🤦

Twitter is an amazing resource because you can combine a bunch of your hobbies and interests with your career into a feed filled with absolute wisdom.

Here's a quick list of a few devs that I follow that are always providing valuable content 👇


Of course, had to plug myself here as I have set myself a goal this year to post some great content very often - so would love for you to follow me and let me know what you think of my content: Joel Male


Eddiejaoude is an incredible person to follow. He posts very valuable content very often. He's the champion of open source and its ambassador. Such a nice dude and will always take the time to answer your questions and help you out.

Chris Bongers (aka @dailydevtips1)

Chris Bongers is a beast. He pumps out so much incredible content and so very often. Challenging himself to publish at least one new blog post a day, and has been featured on daily.dev a few times. Very much worth the follow!


Swapna puts so much effort into every single one of his posts. Helping his followers to visualise his content by creating graphs and pictures to help explain his tweets. He is also the absolute king of threads and packing so much content into them.


Now, you won't believe me when I say this - but Savio Martin is only 14 years old. 41k followers on Twitter and always has value-filled content. He is making absolute waves on Twitter and he's only 14 years old... 🧠

Jack Forge

Outlaw of tech, and full of great content. Jack's Twitter posts are always such great reads, and quite often make you question who he really is. If not for the enjoyment, follow him for the occasional killer content he pushes out.


A lot of these apps may only be available on macOS - I'm not sure. I only dev on a mac as the windows environment is incredibly frustrating to set up for development 😞

A few juicy finds

A while ago I posted a blog post on my setup: My current (2021) dev setup which lists quite a few of the apps I use during development!


I use Hyper.is for my terminal and have for a very long time.

It is an electron-based terminal, which allows for complete use of the keyboard and skipping through words, selecting words at a time, pasting with shortcuts, etc.


DevUtils is a great app that can be used while offline. Offering amazing features like:

  • JSON formatter
  • Regex tester
  • HTML/CSS formatting
  • URL encoding & decoding
  • and more...


Alfred is one of the most powerful tools I use daily as a developer. I simply could not mac without it.

I can bring up Alfred at any point by pressing CMD + E which brings up the search and browse UI, which lets me search and launch applications, find files on my mac, and execute custom workflows all by typing keywords.

100% worth the install.


Gone are the days of Postman, and in are the days of Insomnia.

The features listed on their home page will tell you why this tool is so much better than Postman. It even supports custom themes, so I of course also use the Aura theme for Insomnia.